We are a post-rock band from Ottawa, ON, Canada. Our full length album, "NORTH" is out October 2014!

MUSIC: ispellitnature.bandcamp.com

CONTACT: ispellitnature(at)gmail(dot)com

    Absolutepunk.net Feature:

    "Trying to beat that Sunday morning hangover? Might I suggest giving I Spell It Nature a try? Their new self-titled EP could be just the cure you’re looking for. The Ottawa quartet’s brand of post-rock aims for the textures of the genre’s big names but with a little less focus on tension and catharsis and more on hypnotic beauty. The cost of getting these gorgeous, sweeping melodies to your ears? You can download the four-track release for free at the band’s bandcamp page. What are you waiting for?"

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    Apt613 Feature:

    "I Spell It Nature is exactly the kind of band I would have listened to in high school if they had been around. It always surprises me to hear post rock isn’t bigger in Ottawa, because there’s something about post rock that seems perfect for teens growing up in the suburbs, and I don’t mean it in a pejorative sense. It just seems like the perfect thing to play on your iPod when you’re sitting against your locker sharing headphones with your friend, watching all the cool kids walk by in the hallway. It’s music to get lost in, to escape from your reality, a soundtrack for your daydream about what you’re going to do when you leave this place.”

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    Ottawa Xpress Nominations for Best New Musical Artist/Group and Best Rock EP of 2010.

    Hi-Fi Weddings (We were played at a fan’s wedding!)